PSHCE and Pastoral Support

6th Form @ Swakeleys has a well-established and varied PSHCE programme that is designed to prepare students for life after 6th Form. The two-year programme includes sessions on mental and physical well-being, financial management, and sex, relationship and drug education. Sessions are delivered by teachers and guest speakers from a range of industries. Students are timetabled for ‘Survival Cooking’, using the school’s state-of-the-art cooking facilities to prepare, cook and eat healthy and cost-effective recipes.

Eachmorning’s form time is used to support students in making the transition from Year 11 through to Year 13, with tailored programmes on resilience, stress management and personal growth. Students benefit from mixed forms of Year 12 and 13 and a form tutor dedicated to providing pastoral support.

When students face personal challenges they can access support from the 6th Form’s extensive pastoral care network that includes a Head of 6th Form, Deputy Head of 6th Form, a Pastoral Lead, two full time 6th Form administrators, a team of 14 form tutors, multiple school counsellors and independent Careers and UCAS Advisors.