Enrichment and leadership

In addition to the subjects studied by all students, an important part of being a Sixth Form student is to take part in enrichment activities. These can be super curricular or extra curricular.

Participating in enrichment opportunities enables students to develop skills beyond the classroom:  skills which would make them stand above the crowd to either an employer or to the universities they apply to.  It also helps a student to feel a part of their school community and contribute positively towards its development.

All students are encouraged to complete some of the following activities.

Super Curricular (academic activities that go beyond the classroom or homework)

Enroll in a university outreach scheme

Attend public lectures held at universities Sign up for and attend university open days Complete a short period of work experience Read books and articles Listen to podcasts and watch online lectures Complete an online learning course All department areas have suggested activities for students to complete

Extra Curricular (non-academic activities which help build wider skills)

Join a lunch time club (Drama, debating, Dance, Music, Sports, Film, Mindfulness) Help at a KS3 or 4 Club Support the school production Provide numeracy and literacy support for Year 7 Become a Peer mentor Fund raising for a charity Sports coaching Completing the Duke of Edinburgh Award / Marek Evision Foundation project

Leadership opportunities

At Sixth Form @ Swakeleys we recognise that our students are leaders of tomorrow and we invited students to apply to join our Sixth Form Student leadership programme, which leads to a national accreditation in student leadership.  Students serve as Head students and prefects and are responsible for representing the needs of students in the Sixth Form and initiating projects to improve the school and wider community