Year 10 Work Shadowing Programme 2024

Since March 2020, we have been unable to offer our pupils the opportunity to partake in face to face work experience. Businesses have changed the way they operate with many offering hybrid style working with workers based from home instead of in the office. This has meant that it has become much harder for us as a school to run work experience as we have in previous years.

Last  year we introduced an alternative to our traditional work experience model called: Year 10 Work Shadowing. It proved to be extremely successful with all the pupils who took part and one which helped to develop essential employability skills. We introduced this to provide pupils with the opportunity to gain an understanding of the world of work and careers.  After the success of last year, we are keen to run this once again with our current Year 10 cohort. This will be a key enrichment experience that will be of great benefit to pupils and will build upon the work pupils will have completed as part of the careers focus weeks in January. Mrs Laguillo is the lead on this. Please find all the information below.