Curriculum Guides: Year 7 2024

Year 7 students study 16 subjects, all of which they continue until the end of Year 8.  The following provides families and pupils with guidance on each of these subjects starting with Autumn 1 below.  It outlines what Year 7 students will be taught, the type of assessment that pupils will experience during Year 7 and any resources that they will need.  If you prefer, you can view this information by subject to see what the full academic year of learning in each subject looks like in our Curriculum Guide by subject publication also published below. The information in both Curriculum Guides is the same, but in two different formats for you to choose which view you prefer.

Year 7 also have an internal exam period of two weeks where each subject will hold ‘exam style’ assessments during the same two week period. These fall in Summer 1 and are to start to give students a taste of what final GCSE exams will be like when the time comes! There is a separate document for each subject below which details the contents for each subject for these exams. The Curriculum Guides by subject will be useful to see an overview of the year’s learning for revision.

Curriculum Guide: Autumn 1
Curriculum Guide: Autumn 2
Curriculum Guide: Spring 1
Curriculum Guide: Spring 2
Curriculum Guide: Summer 1
Curriculum Guide: Summer 2
Curriculum Guide: By subject