High Attaining Pupils

What is a High Attaining Pupil (HAP)?

HAP stands for High Attaining Pupils based on their key stage 2 data. As a school, we are required to use their KS2 English (reading) and Maths test scores on completion of their primary school phase. Their results in both papers are combined to calculate a KS2 average point score for every student. This average point score is what is used to classify all students as; HAP,MAP or LAP.

Opportunities for HAPS
All staff have a responsibility to know who the HAP’s are and to ensure that their planning addresses their needs.

What is on offer for HAP Pupils?

  • Brilliant Club
  • Russell Group University Conference
  • Speak out Competitions
  • Challenge Club
  • Extra-Curricular activities
  • HAP parents evening
  • Stretch and Challenge Focus Week
  • Watch and Listen
  • Maths Challenge
  • Creative Writing Club
  • Performing Arts Showcase
  • Year 5 Enrichment Days
  • Introduction of a HAP Subcommittee at School Council
  • STEM workshops

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