About Us

We are single sex, we are high achieving, behaviour and discipline are good, we have a modern approach and promote values of tolerance and respect.

Our single sex environment provides us with a unique opportunity to promote enjoyment of learning and celebration of achievement in an uninhibited way. We offer girls an up-to-date curriculum which provides the opportunity for all of them to achieve the best academic results they are capable of.  Our focus on high quality teaching and learning helps us to ensure that lessons are engaging, interactive and fun. Teachers challenge pupils to achieve aspirational levels and grades which are based on their potential. They use modern technology as a tool for learning and they adapt their teaching to meet the needs of all pupils, from those who are exceptionally able to those with learning difficulties.

We take pride in our high standards of behaviour and our behaviour policy can be viewed here.

Many other policies are available on request. Those that may be of particular interest to parents include:
Assessment Policy, Health and Safety Policy, Anti-Bullying Policy, Child Protection Policy, Single Equality Scheme, Charging Policy, Collective Worship, Sex and Relationships and School Visits Policy.