Year 11

We believe that our Year 11 group has the potential to achieve outstanding results. We also know what a difficult and stressful time Year 11 can be. We fully appreciate the pressure of year 11 and provide as much support as we can including PiXL mentoring, numerous revision classes, a ‘Raising Achievement’ evening, one to one post mock interviews and Easter Revision School. The support we offer runs alongside work in lessons and will help to boost performance. However, nothing will help more than regular attendance to lessons where teachers will increasingly focus on exam preparation and teaching exam techniques.  Below you can see an overview of Year 11 with all key dates for the year:

Year 11 key dates 2023-2024

Useful links:

Please remember that to achieve the best results it is essential to put in extra time at home to revise. Girls may find the links below useful to help support their revision, in addition to Google Classroom which is used to share work with staff.