Our Aims

“Behaviour and safety are outstanding. Pupils say they feel safe and are happy at the school. They have extremely positive attitudes to learning and their behaviour in lessons and around the school is exemplary.”. (Ofsted November 2014)

We are a high achieving school which focuses on excellent teaching and learning and high standards of behaviour. All girls are given opportunities to develop their interests and talents in a wide variety of extra curricular activities and above all, they are safe and secure.

We want to get the best from every girl, raising standards even higher whilst maintaining the caring ethos of Swakeleys. We encourage our pupils to take responsibility, to make a valuable contribution to the running of the school and to become respected members of our community. We aim to:

  • Create a school community based on equal opportunities in which each individual is valued, and where learning will thrive so that girls will gain a sense of achievement from the learning process.
  • Provide a challenging and stimulating environment which will enable every girl to achieve the highest level of skills, knowledge and qualifications of which she is capable.
  • Teach self discipline and a sense of responsibility to self and others and to foster a commitment to excellence.
  • Widen the horizons of all our students, to make them aware of the rich cultural diversity of our society, and to prepare them for the wide variety of roles open to women on today’s world.
  • Foster close links with the local community and to be flexible as an institution so as to evaluate and respond to new initiatives, both from inside and outside the school.