Humanities Week July 2020

Humanities week will take place over two days Wednesday 15th July and Thursday 16th July with a feedback session on the morning of Friday 17th July which will be a non-uniform day.

The price range of these trips will be from £0 – £50. The Bushcraft trip however will be £105 due to the fact that it includes an overnight stay.

The sign up will take place in school. Sign up will take place on Tuesday 4th February 2020.

Students will find out straight away which trip they have been allocated and will have their trip confirmed via a paper receipt that they will bring home with them.

Payment for Trips

• The payment for trips will appear on Parent Pay by midnight on Friday 7th February 2020.

• Students will be expected to finalise payment for their trip using PARENTPAY by Sunday 1st March 2020.

• All students eligible for pupil premium; those receiving free school meals, forces families, adopted children and looked after children are expected to pay a contribution towards the cost of the trips requiring payment. This cost is clearly stated in the booklet.

• Any student who signs up for a trip and who does not pay by the deadline of Sunday 1st March 2020 will be required to stay in school and complete English and maths activities, in normal school uniform.

Please note:

• There is always high demand for the most popular trips and we are not able to guarantee your daughter her first choice.

• These are normal school days and will form part of your daughter’s attendance figures. Those who take unauthorised absence during these days, may receive a penalty notice.

• All students are expected to take part in ONE trip. Your daughter’s behaviour leading up to this event may affect the activity she is allowed to participate in. What do I need to do to do now?

What do I need to do to do now?

• Read through the activities booklet with your daughter and rank the activities from 1 to 5.

• Have your sign up details for PARENTPAY to hand, ready for the payment stage to secure your daughter’s trip.

• Make sure your daughter brings in the completed form on TUESDAY 4th FEBRUARY. Without it, your daughter cannot sign up.

• All of the information pertaining to Humanities 2020 can also be found on the Humanities Google classroom, code xi8jqth.

• In the interest of reducing paper we have printed a limited set of booklets this year. The humanities booklet can be found above and on the Humanities 2020 Google classroom. Additional copies of the sign up letter can be found below.

• If you have any questions regarding any of the activities outlined in the programme, please feel free to contact Miss Lewis or Ms Johnson at school.

We hope your daughter has a fantastic time during Humanities 2020!