Year 7 Open Evening 2021

Our Open Evening was on Thursday 16th September. Do not worry if you missed it, please take time to a look at the useful links and videos below to get a feel for our school!

If you have completed our Supplementary Application Form, you will be notified by post with details of times and attendance to the assessment day which is on Saturday 9th October 2021. The deadline has now closed.

Please find out Admissions Policy below for September 2022 start.

The Headteacher: Watch the pre-recorded talk from Headteacher Sue Pryor below! This is exactly the same talk that was be delivered on Open Evening.

Pupils: You can also watch a talk from two Senators below who talk about their transition to Swakeleys.

Our building: Our promotional video on the home page is live for you to view and provides a really good feel for the building, facilities and how we operate as a school.

Subjects: Below you will can look through an overview of our curriculum and also read through the top five questions that each subject gets asked at Open Evening…along with the answers! This is also be supported by shorts videos made by pupils about all of their subjects and what their experience was like when they joined in year 7. Click here to watch the videos.