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CHINA:Swakeleys an International Role model!

Swakeleys has yet again shone on the international circuit! On Wednesday 14th November we were paid a visit by iNET International and 25 teachers from the Hubei Province in China. The aim of the visit was for our visitors to learn about the British School system and observe good teaching and learning through the curriculum. The Chinese delegation was treated to musical performances led by Mrs Torrent and Miss Troth along with an in depth questions and answers session with the School Council’s Senators. In addition, several of the teaching and support staff singing club boasted their musical talents performing some of their greatest hits from this academic year! The 25 strong party from Hubei returned the favour with their own masterpiece which was extremely well received. It was very warming to hear some of the delegation’s views of Swakeleys. Catherine Li (Head of the Delegation) commented that Swakeleys was a “model school” for the delegation which enabled the teachers to view outstanding practice in the classroom. Mr Hepner, responsible for the International links at Swakeleys commented, “We are all very proud to be spreading the outstanding work we our doing with our international counterparts. Having the opportunity to develop others on an international scale is something that the Swakeleys community can be very proud of”.

We have also established a link with a school in Chile. The following was written by Sarah Wilson in 10MC.
“On the 13th of November we had a Skype video chat with Chile using an IPad, where Mr. Hepner videoed the first 10 minutes of Miss Nanuck’s Spanish lesson. After we had videoed the Spanish lesson 3 Swakeleys girls asked other students in Chile some questions on how they learn. The questions asked by Swakeleys students and the answers by the Chilean students are below:

What Helps You Learn?
Speaking in pairs
Examples from the book
Making dialogs
Playing games

What Helps The Students Prepare For Exams?
Reading from the book
Trying exercises at home
Making sure they understand

What helps you enjoy the lesson?
Doing more interactive things
Music (practical things)
Students being left independently

Do you know what grade you are currently achieving?
Students in Chile have not put this into a system yet. They get marked out of 7 for everything they do. Some teachers in Chile tell the students learning objectives.

Do you use/have a tracking sheet in Chile?
The students in Chile have not heard of a tracking sheet but they think it is a good idea but if they ever did introduce the tracking sheet it would have to be done slowly as it is new to them and as they have never used it before.