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High Attaining Pupils

What is a High Attaining Pupil (HAP)?

HAP stands for High Attaining Pupils based on their key stage 2 data. As a school, we are required to use their KS2 English (reading) and Maths test scores on completion of their primary school phase. Their results in both papers are combined to calculate a KS2 average point score for every student. This average point score is what is used to classify all students as; HAP,MAP or LAP.

Opportunities for HAPS
All staff have a responsibility to know who the HAP’s are and to ensure that their planning addresses their needs.

What is on offer for HAP Pupils?
Brilliant Club
Russell Group University Conference
Speak out Competitions
Challenge Club
Extra-Curricular activities
HAP parents evening
Stretch and Challenge Focus Week
Watch and Listen
Maths Challenge
Creative Writing Club
Performing Arts Showcase
Year 5 Enrichment Days
Introduction of a HAP Subcommittee at School Council
STEM workshops

Year 7 HAP evening

Year 7 HAP Evening Powerpoint Presentation 2018
Year 7 HAP evening handout 2018

International Gateway for Gifted Youth – IGGY!

GIFTLTD: A range of courses which may support and extend learning.

The National Association for Able Children in Education

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